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Besides common European background, almost the same age and very similar values we are two women who became in time driven by doing something bigger than us and yet not about us: Murals.

We bring life to your walls and we can pretty much do anything you envisioned (dreamed of). Why? Because art makes us happy and what we are aiming for is to make your space radiant, joyful and most important to make you feel at home. We believe in simplicity, good manners, punctuality and just the right dose of humor. Our mission dream is to redefine murals as a beautiful expression of art that will inspire people in everyday life.

So from the hometown where you grew up, decorative wall finishes to chic gilding décor and creative abstracts we got you covered!


Enough about us…what’s your big idea? We are all ears!

Awards & Nominations:

1994-Italy - Silver medal

         Romania 2nd place - Ecology movement


1995-France 2 nd place ''Amis Sans Frontieres''

         New York '' Paintings in the permanent collection of          children museum NY''


1998-Tokyo- Bronze medal

          USA '' International youth art exchange ''

          New Delhi          

          Finland ''The truth international art exhibition 

          for young people''


2003- New Delhi

          Romania “Rainbow'' 

          San Francisco''paintbrush diplomacy''

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